Top Three Fall Hair Care Tips



We know you are beauty and product lovers like us so you are probably bombarded all year long with hair tips and trends… especially during season changes! We’ve cut out the nonsense and boiled down your Fall Hair Routine to three simple steps. If you’re an over-achiever – we love you! However, these three hair tips should have your hair looking healthy and gorgeous as the weather gets colder!

fall hair color



marula hair mask


1. Amp Up Moisture

You know the itchy, dry skin that naturally comes with colder weather? The same goes for your hair. The transition between summer to fall is when it is vital to add a hair mask or change your shampoo or conditioner so your hair can adjust to the change in temperature.

Any professional will tell you to try Marula Pure Beauty Oil Deep Moisture Hair Mask. $36 – Amazon  It is an intense conditioning treatment that will help re-balance and improve hair elasticity, all while restoring essential moisture.



short fall hair


2. Get a Trim

We think its imperative to get a quick trim to lighten up your locks. No matter how often you washed your hair this summer, sunscreens, sea salt sprays, oils and moisturizers build up in your scalp. A simple snip to remove summer’s split, dry ends will, not only, help prevent further breakage but add bounce to hair that may be weighed down. Also! Leave those ponytails behind. Switch up your hair routine and wear tresses down to keep broken strands to a minimum as the air gets dryer.




kenra volume spray




3. Invest in Volumizer

Lots of humidity = big hair. As the weather gets colder, the humidity decreases, which may cause your hair to go flat. Womp womp. We are Kenra junkies! We love all of their products, especially those that promise volume because they deliver! Kenra Volume Spray ($17, Kenra) to give roots a much-needed boost. Also, don’t forget the old fashioned holding your head upside down while you blow out your damp hair. Some things are here to stay!


Happy Fall y’all!! We love you and your luscious locks!

fall hair tips

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