December Beauty Tips 2017

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The Holidays are officially here!!!  Start the year off right by exuding confidence and experimenting with something new, such as a dazzling smokey eye with false lashes and a festive party lip!

Christmas Woman

Holiday Smokey Eye

Step #1 Apply eye shadow primer first to insure longevity throughout the night. For mature women avoid overly shimmery eyeshadows/eyeliners/cream shadows as these are more likely to crease. Instead use a soft shimmer, grey, or lighter brown very lightly over your mobile lid. Then use a dark brown, deep grey, or navy blue softly on the outer corners working your way in. Do not apply too heavily or you can create the illusion of heavily hooded lids or a closed-off smaller eye.
smashbox eyeshadow palette
*Product recommendations: Natasha Denona “Star Eyeshadow Palette” (Sephora), Bobbi Brown “Everything Eyes Palette”, Naked “Smokey Eye Palette”, Smashbox “Full Exposure Eye Palette” (Ulta/Sephora). Some good dupes are Makeup Revolution “Iconic Smokey Palette” (Ulta) and Elf “Mad for Matte” (Target).
tarte fakeaway nude eyeliner
Step #2 Use a black eye pencil or liquid liner to create a wing on your top lid. Avoid eyeliner on the lower lash line as this can drag your face down and make you look more tired. Instead use a rose-gold or nude eyeliner in your waterline to brighten and enlarge the eye without looking too harsh. For a unique New Year’s look that pops line your black eyeliner with a liquid silver liner.
*Product recommendations: Smashbox Always-On Gel Pencil Liner (Ulta), NYX “Matte Liquid Liner”, Tarte “Fake Awake Nude Eyeliner” or NYX “Wonder Pencil” (Ulta – these also double as the perfect lip outliner).
Step #3 Accentuate this look with a soft highlighter on your browbone, inner eye corners, in the inner lower lash line to brighten your eyes. This technique will help you look more awake and ready for any holiday event!
*Product recommendations:  Benefit “High Brow Highlight & Lift Pencil” (Ulta/Sephora)
how to apply false lashes
How to Apply False Lashes
Step #1 Always apply false lashes after eyeshadow and eyeliner and before mascara! First remove lashes from packaging from the outer corner and hold them up with a pair of tweezers to your eye. Once you have determined the size you want, trim them from the outer corners. Do not trim the length of lashes as this can look unnatural and ruin the curve of the lashes.
*Product recommendations: Kiss Beauty Lashes (Kaysi Beauty Columbia), Eyelure Lashes (Ulta), Ardell “Whispy” Lashes (Ulta/CVS/Walgreens)


Step #2 Using a pointed Q-Tip or pointed tool, dot a thin layer of glue across the false lash band from corner to corner or dip individual lash weft into adhesive and wait approximately 3-5 seconds while blowing air on the adhesive to make it slightly more tacky before application. This will keep the lash from sliding around after it makes contact with the skin.
*Product recommendations: Ulta Beauty “Dual Tipped Cotton Applicators” (Ulta), Ardell “Duo Lash Adhesive Dark” (Ulta/CVS/Walgreens/Sallys Beauty)
Step #3 Press lashes onto lid with tweezers for precision. Use tweezers or finger to gently press your falsies onto the point where your natural lashes meet your lash line. Finish the application off by curling your lashes and applying a coat of your favorite mascara to bond the lashes together. Remember to put your eyelash glue in your purse for touch ups if necessary!
eyelash tweezers
*Product recommendations: Tarte “Pro Little Lash Helper” Lash Application Tweezers (Ulta), CoverGirl “Clump Crusher” Mascara (Ulta/Walgreens/CVS).
Eye-Catching Holiday Lip
Step #1 Exfoliate and moisturize (Tip: mix honey with sugar for a sweet tasting exfoliant that leaves lips soft and supple – Pinterest has wonderful DIY lip scrub recipes)
*Product recommendations: Bite Beauty “Agave Kisses” Set (Sephora), Tarte “Lip Facial Lip Scrub” (Sephora).
Step #2 Start with outlining and then filling in lips with lip liner matching your lipstick. Fill in lips with a holiday inspired red lipstick, make sure to use the finger tip method of clearing the excess lip color from the inner parts of the lip area to avoid teeth stains. *TIP* For lighter eyes, like blues and greens, using a lipstick with slight orange undertones can make your eyes stand out (try NARS “Jungle Red”). For darker eyes, go for blue undertoned reds (try Smashbox “Infrared Matte”). Ladies with deeper skin tones should try a darker red with violet undertones to complement their skin tone (try MAC “Ruby Roo”).
*Product recommendations: Chanel “Pirate”, Lancome “Caprice”, . Dupes: Maybelline’s “Red Revival”, Revlon “ Fire and Ice”, Rimmel London “Kate Lipstick 001”
lancome caprice lipstick

Step #2 Apply Lip color. *TIP* To achieve a longer-lasting wear time of any lip product that is not a gloss, apply a thin layer of the product over the lip liner and then blot with a tissue or facial blotting paper. Repeat this process 2-4 times. To transform a lip product into a matte lip product, you can also opt for going over the lip color with a powder by pressing it in with a eyeshadow blending brush, this is also a great technique for prolonging wear time! Using copper eyeshadow as your lipstick coupled with a brown eyeliner as your lip liner is complementary on just about every skin tone.
*Product recommendations: Shiseido “Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers” (Ulta), NYX “Slide On Lip Pencil” (Ulta/Kaysi Beauty Columbia), Smashbox “Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer” (Ulta).
taylor swift christmas look
Step #3 Use a drier consistency concealer (think potted style) or nude eyeliner pencil around outer perimeter of lips to accentuate shape.
*Product recommendations: Benefit “Bo-ing Industrial Strength Concealer” (Ulta/Sephora), NYX “Wonder Pencil”, Smashbox “Always-Sharp” Waterproof Kohl Mechanical Liner Pencil in “Bare-Nude” (Sephora/Ulta/Nordstrom)

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