AList and ManneqArt


AList loved getting our creative juices flowing and pairing up with ManneqArt for their 2018 calendar!

ManneqART is an international arts and education non-profit that inspires creativity, teaches problem solving skills, and rewards excellence in Sculpture on the Human Form.

ManneqART, a registered US 501c3 Non-Profit Organization for Education in the Arts, is focused on bringing Wearable Art to the attention of the American public.

Through a variety of events during the year, we strive to showcase the best in imaginative Hair, Makeup, Costuming, and Digital Art.

The focal point of our season is a Public Display of exceptional designs culminating in a Gala Event where finalists present their work and receive awards.





AList has been providing hair and makeup for ManneqArt’s Runway show since 2016! We believe so much in their mission and supporting a local non profit. You can support ManneqArt as well and purchase the calendar of all of these amazing shots right off of their website. Click here.


As always to book AList artists just follow the steps on our website 

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