Ariel Lewis Lead Makeup Artist : Sarah

Ariel Lewis Artist Feature: Lead Makeup Artist – Sarah

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Sarah started her makeup career in 2002 as an event makeup artist. She began working for Chanel in 2004 and her talent quickly moved her up to counter manager short after. From 2007-2009, Sarah was selected to train with Toni Scaglione (Chanel’s top makeup artist in England). She then had the privilege of training with Manuel Villegas from 2010-2011.
Throughout her makeup profession she had always known her passion was not in selling a specific brand but in the art of making people look and feel beautiful. Sarah discovered a passion for wedding makeup in 2009. She soon realized that “the future of wedding makeup is all about Airbrush”. She channeled her natural talents to learn the craft of Airbrushing. In 2010, Sarah met Ariel at an event for wedding vendors at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. The two shared a passion for Airbrush Makeup and making brides feel and look stunning on their Big Day. Sarah joined Ariel’s team as one of her top artists in 2011.
baltimore makeup artist
1. When did you know makeup was your passion?
So oddly enough I didn’t grow up always playing with makeup, I just fell into it.  I have always been into art and then I started working along side an amazing makeup artist and started learning.  Then seeing how good I made these women feel, that’s when I knew that this is what I wanted to do.  
2. Why the Wedding Industry?
I choose to go into the wedding industry to be able to be apart of someones biggest day of there life, to make there day even more magical by looking and feeling the best that they have. It is truly a privilege to be part of my brides day and be able to get to know them and hear there story on all the details from when they met there soon to be husband to how he asked her to merry her.  
3. What is your funniest wedding story to date?
My funniest wedding story would have to be when I had a three day Indian wedding on the last day the bride pulled out an amazing dress and jewelry and asked me to join the event.  I was supposed to be leaving that afternoon with my son to go on our summer vacation and well I called and asked permission from my 9 year old at that time lol. And what do you know he said no!! I missed wearing that dress and be apart of that but too funny I was trying to explain this to a 9 year boy.

4. Do you have a favorite product or product line that you use the most?

  Its difficult for me to say I have one favorite product or line because I love my Chanel base, Chanel and MAC brushes, Urban Decay mascara and so much more, I could go on for days.  Its just too hard to name one thing, and its also different depending on what I’m doing.

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airbrush makeup baltimore

As one of the three very first artists that made Ariel Lewis, LLC a team in 2012, Sarah is an integral part of our business. Her makeup philosophy, organization skills and versatile talent are exceptional! Thank you Sarah for being a part of the Ariel Lewis family!

Request Sarah when booking your next event! 



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